They Fell in Love Over Board Games

The Beautiful Union of Justin & Allison

A rainy, November day did not stop the spirits of a beautiful couple; Justin & Allison. Wyndridge Farms in Dallastown, PA was the site for this epic event, one that would alter the course of many lives. A union of two souls whilst being surrounded by family & friends brings out the foundation of who one is. This particular union could have had its spirit broken by rain, but the tampered moment turned into a time of togetherness. Leading up to the ceremony, the bride & groom led the bridesmaids & groomsmen in a competitive board game match.

Board games had always been a big part of Justin & Allison’s lives. Digging deeper, we find that friendly competition brings out the best of these two. The game night that this new family hosts shows the onlookers that there is togetherness, good-natured fun, and a time to draw closer each & every week. Those who attended this union at Wyndridge Farms got to see this couples intentional love for each other on full display.

Wyndridge Farms is known for its iconic fox, one that symbolizes the real foxes that visit the farm. The fox is elegant and crafty, terms that fit this couple well. Not only are they elegant as they sing, dance and laugh together. They are also crafty, as the love of board games shows us.

Our staff’s time here at the farm was tricky due to the rain. Having it all come together took a tremendous team and some flexibility from everyone. We hope the couple, and you the reader, enjoys!