What a Videographer Can Do For Your Wedding

Answering Your Biggest Questions About Your Wedding Day


Do we need to hire a videographer?

Many couples ask themselves this question! Truth be told, hiring a videographer is usually last on the list as it is deemed a "luxury." If the budget allows for it, many jump on the chance to remember their weddings for the rest of their lives. From our experience, nobody is disappointed that they chose to film the wedding and many who don't include videography in their budget wish they had. Most couples never actually get to experience all of their wedding as many are pulled aside for photos or they deal with last-minute surprises. A wedding film allows them to see more than they actually did. 

Do our photographer and videographer have to get along? 

Great question! The short answer is "no" but generally speaking our team interacts with your photographer often. Our goal is not to get in the way and highlight shots that cannot always be captured with photography. It is good for us to interact with whomever you choose to get ideas and to create an atmosphere of teamwork. No worries, we will do our best to co-exist with your photographer! 

What does your team bring to the table? 

Shawn Fisher Productions brings a professional team to your event. Our quality equipment, techniques and team of editors will make you feel comfortable and excited to view the final product! We have been a part of hundreds of special events and have perfected our technique. We aim to create a unique story with each couple and are ready for almost anything that can come up and shift the game plan. Unexpected weather will not damper our creative spirit, as we have had to think on our feet with many weddings due to rain or other issues. 

If the budget comes down to hiring a photographer or videographer, what should we do?  

Many couples share this with us: they tend to watch the video more than look at the photographs. Video has this power to take you back to the moment in a more special way. While photography showcases the many moments of your wedding, it is tough to relate to that tingling feeling that video provides. Videography also captures sound, something photography obviously doesn't. All of your friends will be taking photos with their phones and if you create a social media hashtag you will always be able to look back to see them. A beautifully crafted video is usually not something your friends can create on the spot. 

What if we want more footage?

Many of our clients ask for more footage. We now offer packages that include the rough-cuts of our filming! Don't hesitate to ask about how you can get more footage from our team. 

What if we want more info? 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to a member of our team! Our contact form is a great way to start. You can access that here. 

Can we see examples of your work?

Absolutely! There are many ways to see our films. 

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