A Local Startup Showcases New Products with an Open House!

During the Christmas season of 2017 we were asked to produce a film with the team at Beautiful Home Interiors to showcase their winter décor. The film was shot at the home of Ruthie Stoltzfus, owner and creative director of the company. Ruthie’s vision was captured in this film as we focused on her mission to bring light into all her customer’s homes.

Beautiful Home Interiors was created straight from Ruthie’s vision as she has an incredible skill with home improvement, interior décor, and design. All of her traits are evident in this film, as she opened her personal home to invite friends, family and new customers for a winter open house.

This open house was over a two-day period at the beginning of December when she invited other vendors and showcased Christmas products. The open house was a big success and we were thankful to be a part of the madness!

It is exciting for us to be a part of a new company as they take on a new set of wings. This is not Ruthie’s first company, but she took a big step into the unknown. We love what local businesses do for the economy, local jobs, and for how it changes lives. Ruthie has been a big part of creating an impact in her local community and her heart is on full display in our film.