Grab a Chair for a Dinner of a Lifetime!

In the summer of 2017 we gathered at the home of a family of butchers in Lancaster, PA to shoot a film for Halteman Family Meats. Halteman has a stand in the famous Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia, PA and has been in operation since the mid-90’s. As a company, they sell some of the highest-quality USDA Prime beef and are preparing a move to ship their products online. The film we shot was produced with a local marketing company and we had an amazing time with all of Halteman’s awesome products.

The film was meant to capture the spirit of the Halteman company. They are a group of 3 brothers who have taken on the lead role after their parents moved on to other things. These brothers are energetic, excited about their business, and are experts at bringing the finest meats to the market. They repeatedly get asked about shipping their products to other states from visitors at the market. It was in such high demand that they are now moving towards creating a new website that offers the shipping of the highest-quality beef coast-to-coast.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time with them and are excited for their new venture!